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Identity Redesign / Motion Graphic

Pridemark Construction is a full-service construction company backed by decades of industry experience in large and small construction projects, design, and architecture. Pridemark’s core values focus not only on excellence in trade but also in building the quality of life in the community. Pridemark is a contributing partner to the development of the construction industry through active involvement in its associations.

Pridemark Construction was in need of a new identity to symbolize their core values, their unique design-build process, and to overall stand out among competitors.


Pridemark Construction Original Identity

pridemark pridemark

Inspiration and Sketches



Created three concepts, each with various lockups, to present to the client.

Concept 1

Shown in this identity solution is a representation of an adjustable wrench. Pridemark Construction works with a variety of projects. Pridemak is flexible and adjusts their workflow and process to perfectly fit their client's needs while maintaining a high level of quality and excellence for each project. The gauge of the wrench shows how Pridemark works to bring a project together as one solid successful outcome.


Concept 2

One of Pridemark's core values is how they have a unique focus on design-build — meaning they work in one process with unity. There are many sides and angles of a project that are coming together to form one unit. This identity is modern, strong, and represents Pridemark's excellence and knowledge. The logomark is firmly planted, representing the success and the year's of history that Pridemark has been positively contributing to the Muncie community.


Concept 3

Pridemark specializes in the design-build process, meaning they have an in-house architecture and design team that works with the build side of construction. This identity solution merges design and construction. The logomark is inspired by the universal crop symbol and a construction tool, a set square. The two arrows pointing inward represent how Pridemark is bringing the Muncie community together and then bringing the community forward towards success and innovation. The three marks represent the three core values of Pridemark — process, community, and excellence.


Chosen Concept

pridemark pridemark pridemark

Motion Graphic

Created a motion graphic from the preferred lock-up.

pridemark pridemark pridemark pridemark pridemark pridemark pridemark pridemark pridemark
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