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The Island Muncie Food Truck

Food Truck Design / Menu Design / Packaging

I began my research phase by learning more about my selected business. The Island Muncie is a tropical concession stand located on McGalliard Road in Muncie, Indiana. They have been in business for 10 years and have catered to wedding receptions, family reunions, and Ball State University students.
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My goal for my design was to speak to this broad audience, grab their attention, depict the feeling of the Island Muncie to my audience, and create an identity system and brand that could be adapted into many forms. I continued my research by looking at other tropical and beach brands, food truck designs, different packaging designs, and by watching videos and reading articles about menu engineering. I also researched how menus contribute to a business’ profitability.

food truck

I started my design process by redesigning the Island Muncie’s current identity.

food truck

Identity Redesign

I sketched and vectorized my own wordmark that contained a combination of interesting angles which allowed the letters to fit together and resemble something with an overall tropical appeal. Then, I slightly offset an inline version of the wordmark and other elements to add the illusion of another dimension to the identity.

food truck food truck

Icon Development

The idea for creating icons for my brand was inspired by the Island Muncie’s current identity, which depicts over 10 tropical themed elements. Within each icon, I created angles similar to the letterforms within the wordmark. I also included an offset inline version of the icon to refer back to my identity.

food truck

Food Truck Sketches and Inspiration

For my food truck design, I created a structure of linear design elements for my icons to exist within.

food truck

Food Truck Design

These linear designs draw the user’s attention to the important parts of the truck such as the serving window and the menu. The combination of horizontal and vertical lines draw the user’s eyes around the truck.

food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck

Menu Design

When designing the menu card and menu board, I referred back to my research on menu engineering and how not to draw attention to the prices. Therefore, I decreased the point size and eliminated the dollar sign on these elements. I arranged the items in a listview with clear hierarchy, making it easy for the user to read over quickly.

food truck food truck food truck

Packaging Design

I incorporated some of the main icons and their surrounding elements into the packaging such as the smoothie cups sleeves, ice cream containers, food trays, and the clamshell box and wrapper. This ties the packaging back to the identity to create one cohesive brand.

food truck food truck food truck food truck
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